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"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...." Zac yelled. He was falling down an almost unreal cavern. "Aw shit..."


"Ow... where am I?" Zac wondered after falling onto tiled floor. Looking around the oddly shaped room, he noticed Doors of many sizes and shapes covered the walls but, the only one that seemed real was a small one only his hand could fit through.

"How the fuck am I gonna get through that? what's this?" Zac picked up a small bottle with the words "Guzzle This" written on it. He shrugged and drank it, but nothing happened. At first. After awhile he started to shrink and eventually was as small as a mouse. "Well, that was unexpected."


"Mew? Is that you? How did-" Zac called but stopped after he went through the door. It was beautiful. Flowers and mushrooms from miniature to massive covered the area, trees the size of skyscrapers were surrounding the building, and the sky was a wonderful shade of pink. "Wow... Mew! Are you out here?"

He looked around the building for a few minutes but, nothing was found. He got bored and went down a path that went into the forest. The path was made up of scattered stones colored purple. He quickly stopped after he heard a rustle come from a tree and looked to find a very odd sight. On a branch was a large smile, seemingly not connected to anything.

"What the fuck?" He said, keeping an eye on it as it floated down in front of him. Slowly, parts of a face appeared, then the head, body, and tail. It was mew. But his smile stretched from ear to ear. "Mew?"

Mew hovered closer and into the light. His body was a brilliant purple, accented by pink stripes. "Yes, Zac?" The boy jumped in surprise.

"You... can talk?" Mew gave a confused look and hovered around, almost teasing him.

"Well of course! We're in Wonderland!" Mew giggled, laying down in Zac's hair.

"I got drunk, didn't I?" He grunted. Mew giggled.

"It seems you don't want to be here."

"Well no, I need to find my friends... do you know how I can leave?" Zac asked.

"Yes, if you want to leave, you have to see the Queen of Hearts." Mew informed, twirling his tail around. "I can take you to her if you want."

"No duh."

"But, we do have to go through obstacles to get to her. Like that house there." Mew said, pointing at a small hut behind a few trees. Zac nodded and started toward the place. "Thats where the Duchess lives."

"What's the Duchess like?"

"Like the rest of us, She's gone mad." Mew squeaked. Zac scratched his head. "She's also very old-fashioned."

"Great." Zac grunted sarcastically as he knocked.

"Just open it, we don't answer to knocks." yelled a voice from inside. Zac shrugged and opened it to reveal a young woman behind a cauldron. But he realized that the woman was Blaze but she looked different. Her dress was green and red and her hair was a lot longer.

"Hello young lady. Everything's better with bacon, don't you agree? Of course you do." The Duchess answered herself. Zac was curious why he was called a girl and looked at himself. He was wearing a blue dress with a white apron, tied with a bow around his waist. His shoes were replaced with punk boots and black and white socks.

"How did I not notice this?" Zac's mind quickly snapped back to the situation. "Blaze, is that you?"

"Who is this 'Blaze', darling?" She asked, confused by the question.

"Nevermind..." Zac gulped before looking at another door and walking over to it. "Is this the way to the Queen?" She quickly rushed to the door, blocking Zac from leaving.

"Yes, but why do you want to see that dreadful hag?" She replied with a snicker. "That filthy cur took all my rum and hid it in her cellar!"

"I want to get home and Mew told me that she's the only one that can get me there!" Zac said as he picked up Mew from his head.

"Oh you mean Cheshire! You better listen to him."

"IM TRYING, BUT YOU WON'T LET ME LEAVE!" Zac yelled, making her move from the door in a hurry. "Thank you." He finished, walking out into the field that awaited him.


"We should be coming to near an old friend." Mew said.

"Are they as crazy as the last one?"

"Even more, but in a fun way. He's as mad as a hatter." Mew giggled.

"Why do I feel worried?"

They walked through a gate and into a small yard where a black-haired boy sat, alone, at a table. He wore a top hat and looked familiar.

"That is the Mad Hatter." Mew informed.

"Of course Dom would be the hatter. Of-fucking-course." Zac grunted, sitting at the table next to him.

"Cheshire! Who is your lovely friend?" Dom asked, kissing Zac's hand.

"I'm a guy."

"I know. I might be mad but, I'm not stupid!" The Hatter exclaimed. He handed Zac a small tea cup, filled with an odd-looking substance.

"Do you know where the Queen lives?" Zac asked, taking a drink of the surprisingly delicious tea. The hatter grew a sorrowful face.

"Why do you want to see that bulbous troll?" He muttered. "She stole my Jabberwocky!"


"You would describe it as a dragon." Mew answered. Zac looked back to see Dom checking him out. Dom snapped out of it when he saw that Zac noticed him.

"I'll take you if you want!" Zac nodded. He didn't mind the way Dom was acting and kinda liked it. Dom stuck his hand up and pointed at a large green shrub. "She's actually getting a tan in her courtyard behind that hedge!"

Zac nodded as they started up toward an opening in the hedge. 'I wonder why everyone is referring to Mew as Cheshire...' He thought.

'Its because thats my true name. You're the only one that calls me Mew.' Mew told Zac telepathically.

'I forgot about your telepathy. I've been wondering, how did you get a smile like that?' Mew curled his smile.

'Curiosity killed the cat... remember that.' Zac shivered from Mew's words, but after awhile, shrugged it off. They had went through the opening and appeared in a much nicer place. A garden, laced with white and red roses everywhere. And in the middle sat a young auburn haired girl. Angel.

"How did I not see this coming? I should have known Angel would be the Queen of hearts." Zac grunted. He and Dom walked up to the Queen and she just stared at them, waiting.

"Well? What the fuck do you want?" She asked. Zac shook his head in disbelief.

"Wow, you're the only one whose personality is the same..." She gave him a confused look. "Oh, nevermind that. I would like to go home."

"All you have to do is tap your boots together, three times, and say there's no place like home." A smile reaching up the Queen's face scared Zac a little but he did what he was told and nothing happened "Wow, I can't believe you thought that would work."


"If you want to leave so badly, you need to figure out your purpose for being here." She groaned, looking from Zac to Dom.


"Oh my god, you idiot! You're here so you could come to terms with liking that madman!" She yelled pointing at Dom.

"Me and... Dom? I do like him but, he doesn't feel the same." Dom slapped his own face from the stupidity.

"Wow, you're so stupid, the boy who has a crush on you facepalmed."

Zac looked over at Dom, who was blushing something fierce. "Is this true?" Dom nodded.

"Now wake up Zac, wake up..."

~In the Hotel~

Dom was kneeling over Zac, shaking him. Zac had been asleep for over 12 hours. "Zac, wake up!"

Zac's eyes flew open and he closed the distance between them with a long passionate kiss. But Dom interrupted for air and asked, "Are you still drunk?"

Zac giggled. "No. I was in Wonderland and the Queen taught me top go for it."

"Uh-huh... are you going a little crazy?"

"Oh just kiss me!" Zac begged, pulling Dom on top of him.
OH MY GOD THIS TOOK A LONG TIME! So yeah. Wonderland will be returning but not until later. its main purpose will be for zac to unlock certain parts of his mind that therapists worked hard to block out.
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