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"How dare you defy me!"

"Let her go."

"Who do you think you are?"


"Momma? Pwease wake up..."

Zac slowly opened his eyes to see a curly, purple haired little girl sitting on his chest, staring at him with big pink eyes.  "Oh hey Chibi, are you hungry?" Chibi's eyes widened even more as she jumped off Zac's chest, headed for the door.

"Hey, baby. What did you dream about?" Jake asked. "You were squirming and mumbling a lot."

"I don't know... I've just been having this recurring dream lately..." Zac squirmed as he cuddled Jake, "But, for some reason, I always seem to cry after I wake up..."

"Good morning Zac."

The neko looked up to see a white machine with a yellow light on a monitor, "Good morning GlaDOS. Could you please make Chibi some cereal?" GlaDOS nodded and the monitor turned off, leaving Zac and Jake to get ready.

"So what are you planning on doing today?" The blond boy asked, pulling off his pants.

"I'm gonna follow Zalgo. She has been going to Earth a little too much lately and I wanna know why." Zac answered, snapping his fingers, making himself and Jake fully clothed.

"Good luck with that," Jake snickered, earning a glare from Zac, "I mean, good luck!"

"Of course you do," Zac replied as he walked out of his bedroom and into the Kitchen/Dining room.

The room was brightly colored, having pink walls with a rainbow trimming along the floor. The carpet was a royal purple and if he looked hard enough, he could find many sparkles hidden in it. A few friends sat at the table with Chibi, who was happily devouring her food. Zac eyed her actions and thought, "Yep, I am definitely her father... or mother... I'm still really confused." He looked at the rest of the people seeing Angel and Sakra having a heated discussion.





Zac scoffed, "Would you both shut up."

The other two were practically strangling each other before quickly returning to their chairs, but they kept a good death glare toward one another.

"Zac, which do you think are better? Unicorns or Pegasi?" Angel asked, not taking her eyes off Sakra.

"Alicorns, duh."

"Jackass!" they yelled in unison.

Zac eyed them for a second, comparing their appearance and personalities. Sakra was average height and build for a 17 year old girl, she had teal eyes; long, flowing, and maroon hair; and her face was littered with freckles that would make a ginger jealous. Sakra was impulsive and stubborn, gets kicks out of watching her enemies suffer, and seems to have an odd fetish for torture.

Angel had the same build but was a little shorter than Sakra, even though she's older. Angel's eyes were a deep green; her gorgeous, scarlet hair is always kept in a ponytail, as to keep it out of her way; and she had freckles, albeit a lesser amount. Being just as impulsive and stubborn as Sakra, she doesn't make friends easily. While not getting pleasure like Sakra from suffering and torture, she does seem to have fun toying with her victims.

"I didn't notice this much until now, but you two are really alike." He giggled as he sat next to Chibi, who was busy rubbing her face with milky hands. "Chibi, why do you make such messes?"

As Zac cleaned up his daughter, a loud and oddly nice tune emitted from Angel.(…) Within seconds she pulled out her phone and answered it, sounding like a snobby teenage girl.

"God Angel, you're such a valley girl!" Sakra yelled, but the insult came unnoticed. Zac and Sakra decided to eavesdrop out of curiosity on who she could be talking to. They could hear small parts, hear and there, on the other end of the line.

"I'm gonna... and then I'll... your... and BOOM goes the dynamite!" Sneered the male voice on the other end.

"Oh you naughty boy. Did you get the whips?"

Okay scratch what I said earlier, maybe she does get some pleasure from torture.

"Okay, I'm not listening to that anymore. So Zac, what are you gonna do today?" Sakra asked, delicately eating her hard-boiled eggs.

"I'm gonna follow Zalgo. She's been acting suspicious." Zac answered without thinking, and realizing he just told Zalgo's closest friend his plans on stalking the god, he quickly started to stutter, "Um, I mean... uh..."

"Cool! You mind if I come with?" She interrupted. Her enthusiasm confused Zac to the point of being speechless. "Oh come on, please! I'm curious, too!"

Zac thought for a moment on why she would want to spy on Zalgo with him, leading him to question how close their relationship is. Then he realized he doesn't even know anything about what she's gone through before meeting her.

"I'll let you come if you tell me about your past. How you met Zalgo."

She laughed, "Thats it?" Zac nodded. "Okay..."

"Well ever since I can remember, Zalgo has taken care of me... She raised me, fed me, and even tutored me..." She paused, "I guess I viewed her as a mother and I still do."

Zac remembered that Zalgo wasn't free from the seal long enough to raise a child. "But how did she raise you? She was sealed away for, like, a thousand years."

"Well, mentally and physically I'm 17. but in reality, I'm well over a thousand years old. Zalgo took precautionary measures after she learned of Death's plans and Put me outside the barriers of time and space. So, put simply, I was frozen in time for a millennium as well."

"At least I know more about you now. I guess you can come along." Sakra squeezed Zac tight.

Angel came back from her phone call and easily caught sight of the stares that Zac and Sakra were throwing her, "What?"

"Who was that?"

"Oh, that was Dimitri... he wanted... to know if I... had..." It took her a while to think of something, "... Groceries..."

"Sure he did. So... did you sleep well? I sure as hell didn't." Zac said, suddenly remembering the dreams, as They gave him worrying looks. "Don't worry about it..."



"There she is." Zac whispered as him and Sakra watched Zalgo program the portal. "As soon as she enters that wormhole, we rush it."

"You know you could just say portal, right?"

"Oh be quiet..." He retorted, his eyes never leaving Zalgo. Zalgo, who just finished the portal, stepped through the glowing hole. "NOW!"

Zac quickly sprinted toward the portal, hand in hand with Sakra the whole time. As they jumped through the portal, they felt a rather odd sensation overtake them. Zac realized he never used the portal that often. It was a feeling of calm.

But the feeling soon washed away when they finally got to their destination. They landed in a mound of snow, which melted really easily.

"Where are we?" Sakra wondered out loud.

"We could be anywhere on Earth. Wait, what's that?" It was dark outside, which made it hard to see, and the raging blizzard didn't help very much. In the distance, they could see the silhouette of a small, ragged looking shack.

"Lets go."

"Are you sure? This doesn't seem like such a good idea anymore..." Sakra looked back at where they were dropped and noticed a lack of a portal, "Oh well, I guess I have no choice."

Zac opened the shack door, which looked as if it was about to break off its hinges. Inside was something neither of them expected. A polished steel room sat inside, with a few buttons on the side. It was flawless. As soon as they were both in, Zac pushed the "Down" button and instantly, doors appeared out of nowhere and sealed them in.

"Great, now what?" Sakra nagged and, as if God answered her, the floor started to move downward at a good speed. "Of course its an elevator."

"Wherever this goes, I'm sure we'll find Zalgo, and Maybe she can explain." And as soon as he said that, the doors flew open, revealing a cozy little office, with a chair, facing the other way.

"Come in, come in, who ever you are. What's your name and reason why are you in here?" An extremely familiar voice asked and Zac recognized it instantly.

"Zac and Sakra. We're wondering what you're doing here."

The chair slowly spun around, revealing Zalgo, whose expression was indifferent.

"Oh hey, Zac."

""Oh hey Zac"? Is that all you have?" Zac responded, getting a little mad.

"What do you want me to say?" Still sounding indifferent.

"How about what this place is and why you're here?"

"Oh. This is The Foundation. We contain certain... anomalies, that could disrupt society. Some of these things could quite possibly bring about the end of the world. And I am in charge." She answered, only for an alarm to ring and an explosion to be heard outside.

"Shit," Zalgo cursed as she turned on the security monitor. Each one showed many cells blown open and just as many monsters and oddities escaping.

"What are those things?" Sakra asked, still sucking in everything.

"SCPs. All of the ones you are seeing right now are Keter-class, which means they are a very big threat to lifeforms. SHIT! SCP-173 is out!" Zalgo answered as she hit a big pink button. The whole room sealed shut, apparently to keep them safe.

"Zalgo, tell me what is going on."

"Death and I have encountered anomalies all across time. But, it seems he created an entire foundation for them. So, naturally, I took over. But lately there have been some... occurrences."

"What kind of occurrences?"

"Well, the safe-class SCPs have been getting out easier and then the Euclids were getting out. We didn't think the Keters would get out so quick. Now we have the biggest Containment Breach in Foundation history on our hands."

"Let me help. How can we get them back?" Zac asked.

"I'm gonna help too!" Sakra added in.

"Well we will have to send in agents to get the Safe and Euclid classes, but you two will be able to help with Keter." Zalgo informed.

"Wait, didn't you say some Keters could bring the end of the world?"

"Yes. But you should be safe. Angels are immune to all abnormal effects the Keters use and the sentient ones even grow affections for the Angels."



"So, when do we start?" Sakra asked eagerly.
And let me show you the Sequel to dA's Angels!

The theme for now is: [link]

this theme may change later.
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